Festival 2023

Kirkstall Festival 2023

Roger Plumtree, Chair, Kirkstall Festival

As a new chair, I have massive shoes to fill in expanding on what John Liversedge has done over so many years, so I’ve been spending a lot of time with the Master to make sure that this year’s Festival doesn’t disappoint. I’m lucky to be taking over such a well honed and experienced team!

Some of you will know me from my work at Kirkstall Valley Farm, a really vital community food and outdoor space in the Valley, and I think that experience has prepped me well for the ever moving cloud of community events management in challenging economic times.

No big surprises this year, but I think the line up is one of our best. There are some really big challenges for funding and how we take the festival forward for next year… but that’s for August!

Looking forward to seeing you all July 8th, at the Abbey

Roger Plumtree, Chair, Kirkstall Festival

“Pantomime comes to Kirkstall!