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Every year in the Festival Arena we can showcase some of the many sports we have access to in Kirkstall!

The Corona Virus has brought to our attention more now than ever, the need to be fit and healthy whatever our age. A healthy diet is always advised but sport plays a major part in wellbeing whether it is sport at the highest level right down to the grass roots.

Being active is not simply good for you physically but is also good for your mental health.

It can help manage medical conditions such as diabetes, reduce anxiety or stress, improve self-esteem, reduce depression, and bring people from the community together.

Kirkstall has a rich vein of sport pumping through the valley, offering opportunities from free activities such as walking in the valley to many other activities often within most people’s budgets.

As we cannot share our sport at this year’s festival, we thought we might point you to the many and varied sporting activities across the valley of Kirkstall.

So, when lockdown ends perhaps it will be time to take up a more genteel sport such as walking, hiking, tenpin bowling to the more rigorous sports of running, rugby, football or climbing.

Sport changes lives and it can change yours!! Click on some of the links below to see some of the fantastic opportunities we have across Kirkstall valley.








Sports Centres





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