2020 KirkFest goes Virtual

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Tonight would have been the last festival committee meeting before the 2020 Festival, know as T.S.H.T.F. meeting (leave you to work that out!).

We are obviously disappointed to be missing our 40th year so over the next few weeks we will be bring you a number of online events starting with a Virtual Pet Show on Saturday over Zoom where it is safe to mix cats and dogs. More about that soon.

Other ideas in the pipeline, some may be pipe-dreams others may be added, you may have ideas of your own you can help with:

  • Kirkstall Festival offline quiz
  • All about Kirkstall online quiz
  • Home grown vegetables
  • Virtual Home Garden tours
  • On-line music performances
  • History tours
  • Sports listings
  • Poetry Competition
  • Photography Competition

The history of the forming of KVCA (Kirkstall Valley Community Association) To Begin at the Beginning has been written by Liz Minkin.

Hundreds of photographs from early festivals have been scanned and can be browsed in the Gallery which now contains about 1,600 photographs of past festivals, (photographs of the 2010 festival to be added in the new format soon).

If you can help with anything please email: info@kirkstall.org.uk

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