Kirkstall Festival

Kirkstall Festival


Kirkstall Festival Gallery



Family Fun Day

Abbey Family Fun Day

To celebrate the opening of the new visitor centre. Family fun day photographs.


Classical Fantasia

Music and Firework event used to be held at Kirkstall Abbey each September

Classical Fantasia


2005 – photographs of fireworks over the Abbey.




Fireworks explode over the Abbey

2003 – fireworks over the valley – photographs by Paul

Classical fantasia video. You will need RealPlayer to view.




St Stephen's Church Grave Yard

Photographs by Paul

St Stephen’s Church Grave Yard and more Page 1, Page 2


Sky over Kirkstall

Photographs by Kat

Sky over Kirkstall Page 1, Page 2


Boston Diner/Exchange fire

Boston Diner Fire – June 2005.

Next morning and afternoon.



Boston Diner/Exchange March 2005

Boston Diner – March 2005.

Owner’s Park Lane Properties continue to let the Boston
Diner rot. The property is insecure and attracting fly tipping.



Boston Exchange August 2004

Boston Diner

August 2004. The very sad site of the BostonExchange on St. Ann’s Lane.




Kirkstall, November 2004

Kirkstall – November 2004.

Great pictures out and about in Kirkstall on a November day. Includes photographs of the renovations at Kirkstall Abbey.



Kirkstall, October 2004

Kirkstall – October 2004.

Kirkstall on a sunny October day. Excellent photos including the river looking particularly attractive in the sun. Includes photographs of the renovations at Kirkstall Abbey.




Kirkstall Forge, November 2004

Kirkstall Forge – November 2004.

Four photographs of Kirkstall Forge during an open exhibition about the development plans for the site.



Thomas Waide Factory


Thomas Waide Factory, Kirkstall Hill



Kirkstall Middle School


Demolition of Kirkstall Secondary Modern / Middle School Kirkstall Road – photographs by Steve