KVCA BigSpringClean on Good Friday!

April 7th, 2014 | Posted by Simon Dawson in Events | Kirkstall Community First | Local Issues | Our Community | Schools/Kids

20140316-195644.jpgFollowing on from Burley Top Community Networks fantastic cleanup at the top end of Burley, I’m pleased to confirm the date for the Kirkstall Valley Community Association’s clearup.

After walking through the heart of Kirkstall down the paths alongside Millrace, its clear to see that this area is in desperate need of some attention. We’ll start at the entrance to St Ann’s Mills at 10am on Good Friday and work our way towards the Morrisons car park where we will pile what we have collected so it can be taken away by the council, who have been very supportive.

There’s a huge amoutn of litter and rubbish there, so I think that area will probaly take us a coupel of hours, but if we have a lot of volunteers and if time allows we may also venture across the bridge to the pathway that leads up to Kirkstall Abbey which is also in a sorry state. We can coordinate ont he day, the important thing is to get together and we can plan when we are there.

This is all part of our shared community #BigSpringClean campaign, where all local groups are encouraged to organise their own cleanups and use the tools that we have bought using a brilliant grant from Community first. We have bought:

  • 20 adult litterpickers and adult high vis vests
  • 10 childrens litterpickers (with DINOSAURS ON THEM!) and kids high vis vests
  • 15 handihoops (make binbags easy to manage)
  • 2 extra-long litterpickers for riverbank and high-height grabbing of, um, stuff
  • a shovel and rake
  • lots of gloves
  • tons of binbags

All groups, clubs or individuals are welcome to borrow this shared equipment, its been bought for our community for use by any local group that needs it. Drop me a line at simon@simondawson.net if you’d like to borrow it, and please let everyone know that it is there to use.

Look forward to seeing you on Good Friday, 18th April at 10am.

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