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March 10th, 2014 | Posted by Jenny.Budd in Schools/Kids

Cardigan Centre is a locally based, multi-purpose community organization in North West Leeds with over twenty years’ experience of community work and service delivery.

As a multi-purpose organization the Cardigan Centre works with individuals in ways which reflect the complexity and connectedness of their lives. This leads to improved outcomes for individuals and a more effective engagement with regeneration initiatives in NW Leeds.

Combining several strands of work leads to economies of scale, and therefore maximizes the use of resources -people, money and buildings.

While Youth Point one of cardigan center teams which aim to support young people with a range of opportunities and workshops. Also through one to ones or group sessions.

We are currently running session such as Too Many Cooks which is a drop in session for young people where they are able to learn and develop there cooking skills on a budget while still being healthy.

This is located at The Cardigan Centre 2 on 149 Cardigan Road, Leeds. Also at Woodhouse we are currently running a football session aimed at 13 to 18 year olds who have a interest in football and keeping active.

At Little London we are also running a T-Shirt printing workshops where young people are able to come along and develop their skills while being creative in designing and printing amazing and one of a kind T-Shirts.

Plus we are looking for young people aged between 13 to 18 who would be up for joining our Sub Committee board which roles are to have involvement of how their youth center is ran here at Youth Point and take part in sessions. The group meets every second Thursday of the month if you would like more information on the Sub Committee feel free to contact Rob on the number below.

If you want someone to talk to or stuff to do in your free time then that’s why we’re here.  Our youth work sessions mainly run in the

evening.  If you want any more info give us a call on 2749959 or text 07530920493.  Why not also like us on Facebook by searching Youth Point Leeds and why not share our page with your friends and family so they can get involved or visit our website at

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